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Oct 22 2017

Display category title in Magento

Quick method of retrieving and displaying Current Category title by echo in Magento.

Oct 22 2017

Remove index.php in Magento

Easy way to remove Magento index.php from URL and enable Magento SEF pages.

Oct 21 2017

RSForm ordering

When building a large form with RSForms, using the usual manual ordering is both tedious and time consuming. Thankfully the RS team have provided a neat feature which isn’t terribly obvious, so have provided this brief example for anyone wondering how.

Oct 20 2017

Kick SSH user

Quick and easy method of kicking an SSH user.

Oct 19 2017

How to change Linux User (UID) and Group (GID)

From SSH you can easily change the UID and GID by using the chown command. Shown below is the structure of the command and how to use it to change Group and User id’s. This is especially useful if you are having problems transferring files using FTP.

Oct 19 2017

Magento cookie problem [fixed]

There can be quite a few reasons why Magento issues the “enable cookies” page, it is usually a slight server misconfiguration, but can sometimes be down to a caching system or incorrect admin settings. Firefox seems to be untainted by this problem and troopers on regardless. IE, Opera and Chrome however, seem to have issues.

Oct 18 2017

How to rename Joomla admin


Here’s how to rename your Joomla administrator path to add another level of security (I use that word loosely) to your Joomla install. This method is known as Security through obfuscation and is no substitute for true security, but it all helps in the sea of other Joomla installs out there.