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Oct 26 2020

Import Export sql database the easy way via SSH

Sick of faffing about with phpMyAdmin, cutting up databases that are too large. Save yourself the hassle and use SSH.

Oct 24 2020

An A-Z Index of the Bash command line for Linux.

A great list of the most used Bash commands in Linux, laid out in A-Z format.

Oct 24 2020

multiple ip and smtp_banners

If a domain has an “owned” IP, it would be possible to also get exim to show a unique banner for that IP.
You can accomplish this by edint the /etc/exim.conf and adding the following code into the top section of the exim.conf.

Oct 21 2020

Google Pagerank update January 2008


For those of you not yet aware or totally missed it (like we did) as of January 10th 2008, Google is updating its toolbar PageRank.

Each update causes a stir among the SEO community but does it really matter any more?

Oct 19 2020

RSForm minimum character for phone | phone validation Joomla


How to use a minimum character count for RSForms - making use of the validation extra.

This is especially useful to make sure that customers do not enter unsufficient digits for you to be able to contact them!

Oct 18 2020

Backup Incoming and Outgoing mail for your domain EXIM


This super simple way of backing up incoming and outgoing mail with EXIM for a desired domain.

It is especially useful for sending to an archive or even a GMail account as shown in this example.

Oct 17 2020

Add logo to print popup in Joomla


So you would like to add a logo and perhaps some other bits to the Joomla print popup page?

Easy, you’ll need to open your template component.php file and make some changes, shown after the break.