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Mar 28 2017

Multiple Image uploads in Magento

As standard, Magento will not allow two uploads via the custom options panel of a product, simply returning an error in the cart. Here we explain a simple method of allowing this functionality, with just one line of code.

Mar 25 2017

How to remove Blogroll title from WordPress

To completely remove the Blogroll title from Wordpress follow these simple instructions. These steps will remove the BlogRoll Title from your WordPress theme; the actual BlogRoll will still show as normal.

Mar 24 2017

Remove Latest Messages from Magento admin

Thankfully this can be done from the admin by logging in and locating the following menu item.

Mar 24 2017

How to clear dashboard stats in magento

An easy way of getting rid of the dashboard statistics, sales and graphs for TEST items in magento, is simply to cancel them in the admin.

Mar 23 2017

Magento Thank you for registering with Default Store View

How to remove / edit / change “Thank you for registering with Default Store View in Magento”.

Mar 22 2017

Reset Session storage options in Magento

Save session data from File to Database after installation

Mar 21 2017

Lightbox / Thickbox / Menu disappears behind Flash / YouTube video [fixed]

youtube logo

How to fix Lightbox / Menu items which disappear behind Flash / You Tube video -

Usually found with a lightbox and a youtube video on the same page, although can be a menu / lightbox problem combination too - the lightbox will slide behind the Youtube / Flash video; using Z-Index will NOT fix the problem.