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Feb 25 2017

Google pagerank update - 27th September 2008


Looks like Google has rolled out another PageRank update. Some sites have faired better than others, there has been a shift of 1 or 2 points for most sites, but there seems to be a higher page rank assigned to pages deeper within the hierarchy; giving more power to pages that really matter.

The last update was in July 2008. Roughly, Every 3-4 months, Google Updates its database and re-calculates the PR values & then updates Google Toolbars worldwide.

Feb 23 2017

Techies fight back

Over worked and under appreciated by their employers, many top end IT bods are fighting back in the worst way possible; sabotaging corporate networks!

Feb 21 2017

Cybersquatting on potential bank merging domain names

Domain names for the merged Bank of America/Merrill Lynch as well as for Lloyds TSB/HBOS have been snapped up. Amazingly one domain name is selling on Ebay, with a starting bid of US$1,500 and with 3 bids now over US$2,000 !

Feb 16 2017

Create a CSS no Javascript alert message

This quick how to will guide you through the process of creating a nice looking JavaScript alert message for any web page.

Feb 12 2017

Insufficient storage space Error 452 Linux Unix Fedora Core Outlook

This normally occurs due to ISP (Internet Service Provider) problems, but when you own your own server (locally or live) you haven’t got the luxury to complain and sit back, so here’s how to fix the problem on a Linux server.

The 452 error is normally associated to overloading the email queue; which usually likes to be at least 1.5x the size of:


which can be specified in:


Jan 24 2017

Firefox Popup not resizing

After a recent update, Firefox has decided that some popups will not be allocated the right amount of space to display content, and not allow for resizing, Great!

Most notable for this is the Autotrader website. But with a bit of hunting, this can be changed in three easy steps:

Jan 17 2017

Web Developer Toolbar Broken / Empty / not showing [Fixed]

For those who have the Web Developer tool bar installed, and have had some problems with it disappearing suddenly, then here’s a quick fix.

This normally happens due to an update or Browser crash - the solution is simple, but not terribly obvious when scouring the Tool Menus.