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Tea Break

Have a break… have a Kit Kat… A light hearted break from work.

May 07 2019

Emoticons are older than we think

Emoticon Pumpkin

Claims that Carnegie Mellon University invented the :-) emoticon 25 years ago have been dismissed.

On her Urban Legend busting website Snopes.com, Barbara Mikkelson says that while Carnegie might have been first to use the : - ) online, it was not the first use.

May 07 2019

Wii Controller Secret

The editors over at Fortune magazine were kind enough to dissect the Nintendo Wii controller recently, revealing an interesting tidbit.

May 06 2019

Free UK mobile service runs straight into connectivity problems

Blyk Logo

Free UK mobile phone network - Blyk - has already run into technical problems. A notice on the web site says that it’s having problems with picture messaging (MMS).

May 05 2019

Server worth $1.5 million wrecked by forklift

An angry legal battle has broken out after an IBM server worth £750,000 (~$1.5m) was wrecked falling off a fork-lift truck being used to move it.

May 04 2019

Facebook costs UK firms £130 million a day

An employment firm has worked out that social noetworking sites such as Facebook cost UK firms about £130 million daily.

May 04 2019

Police to email Spyware to Terrorists

The German Government are asking to be allowed to email Trojan horse spyware to terrorist suspects in order to surreptitiously monitor their Internet use and inspect their computer hard drives remotely, the Associated Press reports.

May 03 2019

You have ‘Bacn’


Bacn - a growingly popular term for email that you want but not right now; Bacn… better than Spam but not as good as sausage.