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Tea Break

Have a break… have a Kit Kat… A light hearted break from work.

Nov 06 2018

Cloned Monkey

Scientists have cloned monkey embryos for the first time, bringing human cloning a step closer. They created dozens of embryos from a 10-year-old rhesus macaque monkey and planted them into surrogate primates.

Nov 06 2018

The web is TOO big say users

A recent poll has found that 75 percent of users think the web is becoming too vast to be useful.

Nov 05 2018

iPhones sell at 4 a second

After some self-confessed “nerds” queued in the cold for up to 36 hours to be at the head of the line. They were snapped up at a rate of 4.2 per second at the height of the frenzy at 1,300 outlets.

Nov 04 2018

Supermarket chain uses fingerprint ID for payment

The future of grocery shopping has changed in the Palatinate region of Germany. The Edeka supermarket chain offered in one of its R├╝lzheim stores fingerprint identification as method of payment. Customers can have their fingerprint put on file and begin using the system as an alternative to cash or card. Customers then place their finger on the scanner to complete a purchase.

Nov 03 2018

Two CD-R’s For sale on eBaY - Have data on them - some sort of database

A gag has been placed on eBaY today for two unusual CDs. After it was revealed yesterday that Revenue & Customs lost two CDs in the post, containing 25 million citizens’ sensitive data.

Nov 02 2018

25 million personal details lost in the post

As crazy as it would seem in today’s security mad countries, Two computer discs holding the personal details of half the families in the UK have gone missing. Lost in the post, sent via standard delivery.

Oct 31 2018

Knitted i-phone


For those of you who don’t want to pay hundreds for the latest mobile technology, a MOM has come up with a Winter-warm alternative.