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Tea Break

Have a break… have a Kit Kat… A light hearted break from work.

Dec 20 2018

Create, Evolve, Explore, Share - SPORE

The latest game from EA has turned about to be something a bit different from the usual gore fest - and really is something for everyone to enjoy, basically Spore is your own personal universe.

You can create and evolve life, establish tribes, build civilizations, sculpt worlds, and explore the cosmos. Spore is made up of five games, each corresponding to a stage of evolution: Cell, Creature, Tribe, Civilization, and Space. Each stage presents different challenges and goals.

Dec 19 2018

New Commodore Laptop


Although I’m old enough to remember the Commodore Vic 20, which shipped with a staggering 5Kb of Ram, and have happy memories playing games such as, Radar rat race, this new commodore laptop is not exactly exciting.

Dec 13 2018

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Dec 10 2018

World domination, the Bill Gates time line


Now that “Big Bill” has quit the M$ ranks, here’s a quick snapshot of his time from creation to complete world domination:

Dec 09 2018

Real Life Transformer

Ever wondered what a badly coded transformer would end up like, where here’s the end result.

Dec 08 2018

Top 100 Brands 2008, Google hits number 10

Google finally makes it into the Top 10 most recognized brands - and we see IBM overtake Microsoft - IBM and Microsoft swapping second and third place, with brand value marked at $59.031 billion and $59.007 billion respectively.

Dec 08 2018

Magicsing EG-18000


If you want to become a pop idol but don’t want to humiliate yourself in front of strangers, then a home karaoke machine such as MagicSing’s EG-18000 might be for you.