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Tea Break

Have a break… have a Kit Kat… A light hearted break from work.

Oct 19 2018

Facebook costs UK firms £130 million a day

An employment firm has worked out that social noetworking sites such as Facebook cost UK firms about £130 million daily.

Oct 18 2018

Police to email Spyware to Terrorists

The German Government are asking to be allowed to email Trojan horse spyware to terrorist suspects in order to surreptitiously monitor their Internet use and inspect their computer hard drives remotely, the Associated Press reports.

Oct 18 2018

You have ‘Bacn’


Bacn - a growingly popular term for email that you want but not right now; Bacn… better than Spam but not as good as sausage.

Oct 17 2018

3am phone call stops cracked iPhone in its tracks

Belfast based UniquePhones received a 3am call from a lawyer representing AT&T, warning them that selling unlocking software could constitute copyright infringement and illegal software dissemination.

The British firm’s plan to sell software that could open the iPhone to non-US networks has been put on hold following legal threats.

Oct 16 2018

School uniform maker installs tracking bugs

SCHOOL UNIFORM maker Trutex says it is “seriously considering” adding satellite tracking devices to its clothing range.

The Lancashire company said it was considering the move because parents were interested in knowing where their kids were.

Oct 15 2018

Signed up for Monster.com? Oh well…

Job website monster.com has been attacked and the personal data of hundreds of thousands stolen…eeek

Oct 14 2018

Chinese parents try to name child @

What’s the world coming to when parents think the best name for their child is @. Fortunately the Chinese authorities stepped in, but seemingly only because it would ruin their ID card naming system!