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Tea Break

Have a break… have a Kit Kat… A light hearted break from work.

Jun 29 2017

Top Gear star (Richard Hammond) runs 16 miles not to miss his daughters Birthday

Something a bit different from our usual Tea break articles.
Top Gear star Richard Hammond abandoned his Porsche 911 in floods to run 16 miles home for his daughter’s fourth birthday. Hammond had been driving from London to his home in Herefordshire on Friday when he became stuck in traffic caused by flooding in the area.

After a mammoth 12-hour journey, the presenter abandoned his Porsche 911 Carrera in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, at 3am on Saturday morning and ran home.

Jun 28 2017

Teenager receives £44,000 from eBaY auction

A teenager from Norfolk, UK who bought a PlayStation 2 on Ebay was a little surprised when he received £44,000 from the seller instead of two promised games!

He was the winning bidder for a Playstation 2, which he paid £95 for (and received), but without any of the two promised games. Although £44,000 instead!

Jun 27 2017

University staff spy on students via Facebook

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Staff at Oxford University have been searching Social networking sites such as Facebook to collect photographs of students who they say have broken rules on post-examination celebrations, and handing out fines!

Jun 26 2017

Hackers already taking apart iPhone

Apple iPhone

Hundreds of hackers and security researchers have been working to discover vulnerabilities in the latest mobile phone from Apple. Within hours of going on sale the iPhone was being probed, top of their list has been cracking the code that ties the phone to operator AT&T, the iPhone’s exclusive network.

Jun 25 2017

Kremlin shuts AllOfMp3

All of MP3 Logo

THE KREMLIN has shut down a popular online music store under pressure from the US government and the World Trade Organisation.

Russia wants to enter the WTO but is finding that its membership is being blocked by the US whose political masters are sustained by campaign donations from the music and movie business.

Jun 25 2017

Remarkable HTML drawing.

Not exactly standards compliant but amazing none the less:

Jun 23 2017

Could battery problems ruin the iPhone experience?

iPhone Battery

After the recent embarrassment of Apples Laptop Battery issues, the company will have their work cut out to run all their proposed services on the new iPhone; at least for any sustained amount of time.