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Tea Break

Have a break… have a Kit Kat… A light hearted break from work.

Jul 16 2019

Asta La Vista, Windows OS named Windows 7

Putting the originality cap firmly in the corner, Microsoft have officially announced the name of the operating system to hit the market sometime in late 2009 is to be named Windows 7, nice. It looks like the guys over at Microsoft are going back to basics with their naming convention.

Jul 16 2019

Bill Gates no longer americas richest

Bill Gates had been number 1 on the Forbes list for 15 consecutive years, but now Warren Buffett has overtaken Bill Gates to become the richest American in the Forbes 400 list. But as Gates has now officially retired it is not really detrimental to form.

Jul 14 2019

Blog Action day 2008, help make poverty history


Every year like minded individuals join together to blog about Poverty, to help bring awareness to everyone in the hope that we can all do our little bit to help make poverty history.

If you would like to take part there are numerous ways of helping out.

Jul 13 2019

Wii Speak by Nintendo, are there any senses left


There’s no doubting the Wii was a ground breaking introduction to the console market with it’s highly interactive feature set, most noticeably the ingenious controller, which vibrates and interactively moves pre-programmed elements on screen.

Nintendo have continued this development with lots more clever kit for the console; including the Wii Fit system a multitude of controller add-ons including tennis rackets and fishing rods to guitars and light guns.

With all our senses fully loaded, there has been one that has been left somewhat behind; speech.

Jul 10 2019

Google pays $120k to Android music developer


Steve Oldmeadow has never set foot in Silicon Valley, but this month the software developer became one of a select few to be handed a $120,000 cheque from Google.

Jul 09 2019

Glofiish V900 Mobile TV phone hits Taiwan

The new phone, slightly more compact than its predecessor, does have a fresh case design and goes with full touch interface using SPB Shell on top of Windoze Mobile 6.1, plus the 3-D transition effects for the file and program browsing. While the CPU is the same Samsung S3C 6400 533 MHz, the RAM amount was doubled to 128 MB catering for even larger applications.

Jul 09 2019

Street Art by Joshua Allen Harris

Such a great idea, making the most of the subway draft in an unusual art form.