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Future of Computing

Articles on the future of computing; a glimpse at our future computing technologies and how we will be effected by them.

Aug 10 2019

Is iPad a step back for Open Source software?


Apple has unfortunately planned to lock down all the capability of the latest iPad, so that no Open Source software can be used.

It will ship with unprecedented levels of DRM security, stifling Open Source projects to create applications for its latest product.

Aug 10 2019

i-cyber, the World’s first Transparent integrated Computer Desk

Introducing the all new i-cyber from i-desk. Not officially unveiled until the BETT 2010 Show on 13 -16 January 2010, the i-cyber is a completely new concept from the Award winning i-desk team.

Jul 13 2019

XP gets another 6 months

Windows XP has been given another six months of OEM roll out as users are continuing to choose XP over Vista.

Until July 31, 2009, six months after the former ‘final cut-off date’ of January 31, 2009, consumers will be able to choose XP over Vista when purchasing a new computer.

The public image of Vista is now so bad that even Microsoft itself admits it’s not quite what it should have been.

Jul 10 2019

Protein molecules promise 20 times more storage than Blu-ray PS3 50Tb

A prototype drive using protein molecules from a bug has been used to store data at approximately 50 Terabytes! This idea first started out by coating DVDs with a layer of protein so that one day solid state memory could hold so much information that storing data on your computer hard drive will be obsolete, says Professor V Renugopalakrishnan of the Harvard Medical School in Boston while reporting on his findings at the International Conference on Nanoscience and Nanotechnology in Brisbane this week.

Jul 06 2019

Metamorphosis video shows stunning visuals

Metamorphosis is programmed entirely in Processing by ‘noob’ programmer (self describing), Glenn Marshall, it’s a fantastic piece of work that has been unedited and is 100% generative. It has to be watched to be appreciated.

Metamorphosis from Glenn Marshall on Vimeo.

Jul 03 2019

Big bang machine grinds to a halt


The failure, known as a quench, caused around 100 of the LHC’s super-cooled magnets to heat up by as much as 100C.

The fire brigade were called out after a tonne of liquid helium leaked into the tunnel at Cern, near Geneva.

Jul 03 2019

T-mobile to use Android software


The first complete, open, and free mobile platform is going to be used by the US mobile giant T-Mobile, who plan to show off the first wireless phone powered by Google’s much-anticipated Android software system at a September 23 news conference.