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Future of Computing

Articles on the future of computing; a glimpse at our future computing technologies and how we will be effected by them.

Sep 24 2018

Linux snaps after Mircosoft accusation

Linus Torvalds, the lead developer of Linux, has reacted angrily to claims by Microsoft that his software violates its patents. Torvalds said that the Volish claims should be tested in court to prevent the Vole from undermining confidence in the operating system. According to Information Week, Torvalds says that Vole should name the patents it alleges have been violated so the claims can be tested in court.

Sep 23 2018

Microsoft claims Linux stole 230 patents

By Nick Farrell
MICROSOFT’S top lawyer seems to be hinting that Vole is planning to do a SCO and sue Linux out of the market for nicking its patents. In an interview with Fortune magazine, Brad Smith claims that free and open-source software violates more than 230 of Microsoft’s patents. The Linux kernel violates 42 Microsoft patents, while its user interface and other design elements infringe on a further 65.

Sep 22 2018

Robots to use Human mental mapping

Navigation Robots

US researchers have made a huge leap forward in Robot design, these Robots use educated “guesswork” to find their way around.

Very similar to the human navigational process, where we build up a “mental map” of our surroundings by recognising familiar sights… Five is alive!

Sep 20 2018

DRM group vows to fight bloggers

DRM group vows to fight bloggers

Bloggers were said to have “crossed the line” when they posted a software key that could break the encryption on some HD-DVDs, the AACS copy protection body has said.
Thousands of websites published the key, which had been uncovered in a bid to circumvent digital rights management (DRM) technology on HD-DVD discs.

Sep 19 2018

Ubuntu has Microsoft worried

Linux for Humans

Microsoft has announced they will sell software for as little as £1.50 (~$3) in the hope of establishing more users to Windows.

With the ‘well documented’ poor driver support of Vista and the new shipping of Ubuntu with DELL laptops, Microsoft have got something to worry about.
Microsoft wants to bring its computing ‘culture’ to a further one billion people by 2015.

Sep 19 2018

Microsoft settles over Excel name

A LONG RUNNING ROW between Microsoft and Savvysoft came to a close after the two agreed to disagree under agreeable terms. In November 2004 it was reported that Microsoft screwed up big time by delivering papers to Savvysoft for appropriating the name “Excel”, even though Thee Vole had forgotten to trademark the name when it first launched the so-called spreadsheet and didn’t realise a similar product already existed.

Sep 18 2018

Robot nose given keen smell sense

Lady Sneezing

Polymers mimic the mucus found inside a human nose! A layer of artificial mucus has been found to improve the ability of an “electronic nose” to precisely sniff out aromas in foods and perfumes. Coating the accurate sensors with a mixture of polymers allowed the nose to pick out a diverse range of smells. The synthetic mucus mimics that found in human noses and controls the rate at which different odours bombard sensors.