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Future of Computing

Articles on the future of computing; a glimpse at our future computing technologies and how we will be effected by them.

Aug 17 2017

Support request 10 years too late

A US customer claims it took Microsoft an amazing 10 years to follow-up on a call he made in 1998. Supposedly, it was a clerical error where the receptionist had keyed a “08″ instead of a “98″ for the year that the call was to be returned.

Aug 16 2017

Government backed exams for Smart phones

Mobiles are becoming so complicated to use that the Japanese government has plans to help users by having structured examinations on how to use them!

Aug 16 2017

Banned UK video game

Rockstar Games have been ordered to have their banned Video game, Manhunt 2 (banned in June 2007 in the UK), to be re-evaluated by an appeals committee.

Aug 15 2017

Japanese not satisfied with normal HD

Research engineer’s at NHK’s Science and Technical Research Laboratory in Japan have plans to produce a Super High Definition Video format that will have 16 times the resolution of current HD at a whopping 7680×4320 pixels!

Aug 12 2017

UK set to get Super fast Broadband at 100Mbps

Autumn 2008 proposes to be an exciting time for some UK consumers as 100Mbps broadband will be made available. As with most new services, this will be limited to a select few, around 600 homes to be precise, but this will hopefully rise to 10,000 homes by the year 2020.

Aug 11 2017

Could Apple bring OLED keyboards to the mainstream?


Should Art Lebedev sell up to Apple and let the Big Guns develop the technology for the masses? OLEDs are currently very expensive, and this is reflected in the Optimus Maximus price tag ($1,490).

But could Apples buying power help change the future of OLED and the likelihood of anyone this side of sensible owing an OLED ‘board before 2020? Sure, they shouldn’t sell for this reason alone, but they aren’t exactly flying off the production line (200 units pre xmas ‘07, 400 post) - and with Apple already registering a patent extremely similar, Could it already be too late for Art Lebedev to cash in?

Aug 11 2017

Think your Boss knows too much?

Well things could get a whole lot worse if Microsoft’s latest innovation comes to light. Microsoft has filed a patent application for new computer software that will allow employees to be monitored wirelessly for blood pressure, body temp., heart rate and even facial expressions!