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Future of Computing

Articles on the future of computing; a glimpse at our future computing technologies and how we will be effected by them.

Apr 04 2020

The whole industry is disappointed with Windows Vista

The Boss of Acer Gianfranco Lanci has blasted Microsoft’s Vista. Lanci told the Financial Times Deutschland that the impact of a new Microsoft “operating system” has never been so weedy as with Vista.

“The whole industry is disappointed with Windows Vista,” he said.

Apr 04 2020

Global Broadband prices revealed

With a recent article describing how a 75 year old woman has the Worlds fastest home Broadband connection at 40Gbps, the comments section shows the sheer diversity of connection speeds and connection prices across the globe.

Apr 03 2020

Hitachi release first Terabyte Harddrive

Hitachi were the first to announce and produce their 1 Terabyte HDD, with Samsung and Seagate offerings soon to follow. Dates for those to hit the market are late August and end of September, respectively, leaving the Deskstar 7K1000 a few months to steal the limelight. Although all still seems quiet on the western front with Western Digital being rather silent about its drives. Price: £250, €400, $399

Apr 02 2020

Milestone for bionic hand

Bionic hand Solder

The hand is controlled by the user’s mind and muscles, the highly functional bionic hand which was invented by a Scottish NHS worker has gone on the market.

The technology has been tested by US soldiers who lost limbs in the Iraq war.

Apr 01 2020

Storage of the future, the size of a Grain of sand!

One gram of this substance could store 887,808 petabytes, that’s the equivalent storage of more than 11 billion typical PCs!!

Data storage demand is ever increasing, Scientists are researching new ways of storing data that could solve all the problems, but is it ethically correct to store EVERYTHING?

Mar 27 2020

Charity Laptop under attack from Intel.

One Laptop per child

It could transform life for billions of children, but one man’s charitable dream of a £50 computer is under attack from Chip manufacturer.
Just as orders are due to be placed, Intel has changed its tune as it jostles for position, with others who once doubted the dream, in a market that could be worth billions.

Experts queued up to say it couldn’t be done, but they were proven wrong and on the dawn of production, all maybe lost.

Mar 27 2020

Most powerful Supercomputer unleashed

The Blue Gene/P works at operating speeds of over 1,000 trillion calculations per second. (1 PetaFlops)

Making it around three times more powerful than the Supercomputer which recently simulated half a Mouse Brain - the Blue Gene/L