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Future of Computing

Articles on the future of computing; a glimpse at our future computing technologies and how we will be effected by them.

Jun 23 2019

Bill Gates playing down Yahoo bid

Microsoft chairman Bill Gates today played down the chances of a fresh takeover bid for Yahoo, saying the US software giant would focus on an independent strategy.

Jun 20 2019

CERN opens its doors to the world

Today, 6 April 2008, CERN opens its doors to the public, offering a unique chance to visit its newest and largest particle accelerator, the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), before it goes into operation later this year.

This scientific instrument, the largest and most complex in the world, is installed in a 27 km tunnel, 100 metres underground in the Swiss canton of Geneva and neighbouring France. CERN will open all access points around the ring for visits underground, to the tunnel and the experiment caverns.

Jun 19 2019

Redtacton turns the human body into one big swipe card


Redtacton, which looks remarkably like a big pot of kryptonite is said to allow over 200kbps of data through the human hands or feet.

Jun 18 2019

Turn any mobile phone into a heart rate monitor


The company who brought us the BodyKom™ series are at it again.

Kiwok, a Swedish software company have developed an amazing and potentially live saving device which attaches to any mobile phone to monitor heart rate function.

Jun 18 2019

5 times as much Malware

Reports suggest that there were five times as many malicious programs on the net in 2007 than in 2006. AV, a security software testing organisation saw over 5 million unique programs compared with under a million for 2006.

Jun 17 2019

Store 500 gigabit per square inch

An unbelievable half a terrabit per square inch, Crestec, the company behind the next generation hard drives have named the new technology ‘patterned media disks’

Jun 16 2019

Cool your computer with Vegetable Oil

Submersing your latest PC components in chip fat, is not something that readily jumps to our minds as a sensible thing to do.

But this is fast becoming a tried and tested way of creating a super quiet, energy efficient way to house and cool your computer.