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Blog Action day 2008, help make poverty history


Every year like minded individuals join together to blog about Poverty, to help bring awareness to everyone in the hope that we can all do our little bit to help make poverty history.

If you would like to take part there are numerous ways of helping out.

Help make poverty history video

Blog Action Day 2008 Poverty from Blog Action Day on Vimeo.

How You Can Promote

There are several ways you can promote Blog Action Day:

  • Post on Your Blog

    The simplest, most effective way to spread Blog Action Day is by posting about your participation on your blog! Members of your audience who sign up will then in turn do the same and before you know it, the event spreads like wildfire!

  • Post the Blog Action Day video
    Simply click “get code” on the video player on the Blog Action Day homepage, copy+paste the code onto your site and you’ll be promoting the event without typing a single word!
  • Add a Banner to Your Site
    We’ve got a ton of badges, banners and graphics you can use to let visitors to your site know about your participation. Head over to the Resources Department to grab some graphic goodness.
  • Tell Someone!

    Email, or better yet simply tell someone about Blog Action Day. After all there’s nothing like one-one communication to do some convincing!

  • Get Blog Action Day in the Press
    Got a press contact? Blog Action Day has plenty of people for them to talk to, and let’s face it, what’s better than a feel-good, new technology story for the news? So send them to our Press Department

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