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Milestone for bionic hand

Bionic hand Solder

The hand is controlled by the user’s mind and muscles, the highly functional bionic hand which was invented by a Scottish NHS worker has gone on the market.

The technology has been tested by US soldiers who lost limbs in the Iraq war.

It was invented by David Gow and was designed and built by Touch Bionics, which is based in Livingston.

How the hand works

Bionic hand diagram

Mr Gow, who is the director of rehabilitation engineering services at NHS Lothian, said: “It’s the first hand to come to the market that’s actually had bending fingers just like your own hand.”

“The most important thing is the movement of the fingers, that’s what really makes the difference,” he said.
“The hand does feel like a replacement for my missing hand and it is now very natural for me to pick up all sorts of objects. It makes everyday activities much easier.

The hand has been tested by war veterans

Bionic hand to help War veterans

Juan Arredondo, from Texas, who lost his hand in Iraq in 2004, has also been fitted with one of the hands.
“Every day I have the hand, it surprises me,” he said.
“Now I can pick up a Styrofoam cup without crushing it. With my other hand, I would really have to concentrate on how much pressure I was putting on the cup.”

Stuart Mead, chief executive at Touch Bionics, said: “We are delighted to be the company that moves bionic hand technology from the research and development phase into the real world, and to lead a generational advance in bionics and patient care.

“We have always existed to change the lives of patients with severe injuries and disabilities, and it is thrilling to feel that we are now able to accomplish that goal.”

The hand was tested at the National Centre for Prosthetics at Strathclyde University.

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  1. waffle December 29, 2009

    cool i almost want to lose my hand because of that article

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  3. jake May 1, 2010

    how do you build them

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