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Asta La Vista, Windows OS named Windows 7

Putting the originality cap firmly in the corner, Microsoft have officially announced the name of the operating system to hit the market sometime in late 2009 is to be named Windows 7, nice. It looks like the guys over at Microsoft are going back to basics with their naming convention.

Windows Operating Systems

Windows 3.11 - named due to the version numbering system
Windows 95 - 98 named b year of release and was deemed impractical since it didn’t ship new versions every year.
Windows Me or Millennium - (shivers) I actually installed this on an old Mesh 650Mhz PC back in the day, suffice to say it was plagued with problems, probably the yest-a-year equivalent to Vista.
Windows XP in 2001. No one knew what XP stood for, however is probably the best Microsoft OS to date.
Windows Vista totally random and meaningless, pretty much like its support capabilities.

Next up Windows 7, a name which supposedly reflects the build numbers as opposed to actual releases.

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