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Add logo to print popup in Joomla


So you would like to add a logo and perhaps some other bits to the Joomla print popup page?

Easy, you’ll need to open your template component.php file and make some changes, shown after the break.

Make sure to backup your component.php first.

Begin editing component.php

Found in: yoursite.com/templates/your-template/component.php

Around line 26 (just after : body class=”contentpane”)
Insert the following code (Do not forget to edit all domain names - file names and folder names to what reflect your situation)

if($_GET['print'] == "1")
echo "<style type=\"text/css\">
p.buttonheading a {background:url(http://www.YOURDOMAIN.COM/templates/your-template/images/print.gif) no-repeat top left;height:16px;width:120px;display:block;}

<div style=\"height:98px;width:100%;border:1px solid #b1b1b1; \">

<div style=\"background:#7c7c7c;height:16px;width:100%;display:block;\"></div>

<img style=\"float:left;\" src='http://www.YOURDOMAIN.COM/templatesyour-template/images/logo.gif' />

<h4 style=\"float:left;margin-left:50px;color:#b1b1b1;font-weight:normal;margin-top:45px;\">SITENAME GOES HERE :: www.DOMAINNAME.COM ::</h4>
</div> ";

Save, upload and test.

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  1. Toan Tran April 18, 2012

    I copied and paste the codes into component.php, and it shows the banner w/ the logo perfectly. Except one thing, it also shows these line before and after the logo:
    if($_GET[’print’] == “1″)
    echo ”



    Can you show me how to hide those words?

    Best regards,

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  3. admin April 18, 2012

    Is outside the closing php?

    Backup the component file by making a copy, remove your problem code and test.

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