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Free Cookie compliance code

Simple cut and paste code to comply with the EU Cookie law.
Instead of having to find multiple versions for Joomla, WordPress, Magento, Prestashop etc. etc. simply place this code into your header file and your away.
Hopefully this will help solve a few headaches for cross platform, multi CMS peeps

Sales order error in Magento Sage Pay

This usually shows up when installing the Sage Pay suite for Magento, in this instance it was caused by the Gift certificate module from Unigery.
There is a fix for this problem.

Currency drop down selector in header, Magento

How to display your currency selector drop down menu in the header of your Magento template. As we know by using the default template, Magento can display the selector in the sidebar, but here’s how to include it in the header, most useful. They can also work together.

Coupon Code in Order Confirmation Email - Magento

A very simple, non-technical way of including your coupon code in your order confirmation emails.
Magento has changed a lot over various different releases, when something worked in one version it suddenly didn’t in a new release, so this may or may not be applicable to your current version, but if you are experiencing […]

Make ‘Ship to This Address’ Default in Magento Checkout

This code will allow you to preselect the ’ship to address’ during your Magento checkout. Most often customers will not require shipping to multiple addresses therefore the preselected option should be automatically set to ‘Ship to this Address’.
This really should be setup as core, or at least an option in the admin […]

Magento under construction page

Follow these few simple steps to get your Magento Under Construction Page up and running. This has been tested on Magento 1.4x, but there is no reason why this shouldn’t work on earlier versions too. It should work on other CMS’s also.

Magento Ajax Image uploader with progress bar and lightbox preview

Ever wanted to extend the Magento uploader function with a progress bar and pop-up lightbox? Tested and working on Magento 1.3x and 1.4x, this image uploader adds feedback to the user on how their file is doing during upload, and once uploaded will give them the chance to preview the uploaded file with a […]