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SIOCADDRT: File exists [FIXED] Linux Network IP

This error can normally show up when adding or modifying an IP address. The fix is relatively simple, but not always particularly obvious with the lack of documentation, so here’s a fix for those in need.

Office warfare, USB missile launcher

USB Missile Launcher lets you take office warfare to a whole new level. The USB-controlled missile launch system is 16cm high and features three foam missiles complete with stability fins. The supplied Windows software lets you rotate the launch platform up to 180 degrees and tilt back up to 45 degrees before hitting the big […]

Doing some coding, how does 10 million lines sound?

Linux has now surpassed 10 million lines of code according to sources, this does include blank lines, comments and text files but none the less is a staggering amount of data.

How to change permissions of specific file extensions in Linux

Change specific file extensions in Linux, there are many ways to do this although some work better than others

New Commodore Laptop

Although I’m old enough to remember the Commodore Vic 20, which shipped with a staggering 5Kb of Ram, and have happy memories playing games such as, Radar rat race, this new commodore laptop is not exactly exciting.

Insufficient storage space Error 452 Linux Unix Fedora Core Outlook

This normally occurs due to ISP (Internet Service Provider) problems, but when you own your own server (locally or live) you haven’t got the luxury to complain and sit back, so here’s how to fix the problem on a Linux server.
The 452 error is normally associated to overloading the email queue; which usually likes to […]

The smallest Computer in the World

Only slightly larger than an RJ45 connector (35mm×19mm×19mm), the picotux 100 is the world’s smallest Linux computer.