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Magento cookie problem [fixed]

There can be quite a few reasons why Magento issues the “enable cookies” page, it is usually a slight server misconfiguration, but can sometimes be down to a caching system or incorrect admin settings. Firefox seems to be untainted by this problem and troopers on regardless. IE, Opera and Chrome however, seem to have […]

How to fix Joomfish internal server error 500

For those of you who are trying to install the Joomfish contribution for Joomla and are experiencing Server Errors, here’s a quick fix.

How to install Linux Firewall, Advanced Policy Firewall: APF

This guide will show you how to install and configure APF firewall, one of the better known Linux firewalls available.

Linux CPU States and there meaning

Understanding what the Linux “top” command reports on. From shell, simply use:
for a plethora of system usage statistics, extremely useful for keeping an eye on resources.

Support more than 4GB on 32 bit Linux

Please note you must have a PAE enabled machine for this operation to work. This PAE kernel supports memory up to 64GB. Physical Address Extension (PAE) is a feature, first implemented in the Intel Pentium Pro to allow x86 processors to access more than 4 gigabytes of random access memory (RAM).

Lightbox / Thickbox / Menu disappears behind Flash / YouTube video [fixed]

How to fix Lightbox / Menu items which disappear behind Flash / You Tube video -
Usually found with a lightbox and a youtube video on the same page, although can be a menu / lightbox problem combination too - the lightbox will slide behind the Youtube / Flash video; using Z-Index will NOT fix […]

Completely remove directory with or without files within, in Linux

This method will completely remove the folder/sub-folders/files within the chosen directory, use with caution.