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Web Developer Addon for Firefox

Couldn’t do without this tool, an absolutely necessity for modern Web Development. Seems to be updated quite regularly too, as it always works with new versions of FF (FireFox).
This extension adds a menu and a toolbar to the browser with various web developer tools.

An A-Z Index of the Bash command line for Linux.

A great list of the most used Bash commands in Linux, laid out in A-Z format.

CSR contains a key size that is less than 2048 bits

Most SSL providers are now issuing requirements of 2048 bit CSR’s, but some control panels have issues with providing more than 1024 bits without some modification.

Display mail log in CentOS Linux

Simple and quick way of showing the active mail log from SSH in Linux CentOS.
Specifically using Exim Mail.

Display Server Motherboard information

Simple command to show full details of your servers motherboard.
Helpful to see what the board can handle in terms of Maximum RAM, CPU etc.

Show size of current directory in Linux

Quick method of showing the overall size of the current directory in Linux.
We have also noted how to show the size of all the sub-directories within the current directory

Change SSH Port in CentOS Linux

How to change SSH port from the standard 22 to, for example 339 in CentOS Linux. Although this method helps to stop the majority of opportunistic breakin attempts (cleans your log files up nicely too) it is by no means a complete solution. You should also restrict SSH access to a single IP […]