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How to rename Joomla admin

Here’s how to rename your Joomla administrator path to add another level of security (I use that word loosely) to your Joomla install. This method is known as Security through obfuscation and is no substitute for true security, but it all helps in the sea of other Joomla installs out there.

How to fix Joomfish internal server error 500

For those of you who are trying to install the Joomfish contribution for Joomla and are experiencing Server Errors, here’s a quick fix.

Joomla E-mail could not be sent [FIXED]

A lot of people are experiencing problems with Joomla not sending mail out, notably from the Email Pop window, the system simply returns “E-mail could not be sent”.
In this article we show how to fix the problem quickly and easily.

Free Cookie compliance code

Simple cut and paste code to comply with the EU Cookie law.
Instead of having to find multiple versions for Joomla, WordPress, Magento, Prestashop etc. etc. simply place this code into your header file and your away.
Hopefully this will help solve a few headaches for cross platform, multi CMS peeps

RSForm minimum character for phone | phone validation Joomla

How to use a minimum character count for RSForms - making use of the validation extra.
This is especially useful to make sure that customers do not enter unsufficient digits for you to be able to contact them!

Add logo to print popup in Joomla

So you would like to add a logo and perhaps some other bits to the Joomla print popup page?
Easy, you’ll need to open your template component.php file and make some changes, shown after the break.

Turn off page titles globally in Joomla

In Joomla! 1.5.*, many Article parameters, such as Show Title, Show Author, and so on, can be set in three places:
1. the individual article (the Article:[Edit] screen)
2. the menu item (Menu Item:[Edit] screen)
3. global parameters (Article Manager / Parameters)

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