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Capture images larger than screen size - FireShot

Especially useful for Large Google maps, this Firefox plugin is extremely useful at capturing large screen shots beyond the scope of the monitor resolution.

Google Timeout or Virus Warnings on Page Load

When visiting websites, specifically in Internet Explorer, or installing software, there may be changes to your computer, adware or spyware may have found its way on your machine that will cause your computer to behave abnormally. Often changes are made to the HOSTS file that directs traffic to search engines such as google.com and msn.com […]

Google Checkout Error message_ No seller found with ID

Receiving a ‘No seller found with ID [[number]]’ error message if you’ve specified an invalid Merchant ID. To resolve this issue:

Google pays $120k to Android music developer

Steve Oldmeadow has never set foot in Silicon Valley, but this month the software developer became one of a select few to be handed a $120,000 cheque from Google.

Google pagerank update - 27th September 2008

Looks like Google has rolled out another PageRank update. Some sites have faired better than others, there has been a shift of 1 or 2 points for most sites, but there seems to be a higher page rank assigned to pages deeper within the hierarchy; giving more power to pages that really matter. […]

T-mobile to use Android software

The first complete, open, and free mobile platform is going to be used by the US mobile giant T-Mobile, who plan to show off the first wireless phone powered by Google’s much-anticipated Android software system at a September 23 news conference.

Microsoft trying to upset Google Yahoo deal

Google and Yahoo are about to join forces in a unusual advertising search deal; Microsoft duly worried, have been trying to disrupt the union of the two Search Engine giants - it’s not the first time Microsoft have used these techniques, according to CEO Eric Schmidt