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Google pagerank update - 27th September 2008

Looks like Google has rolled out another PageRank update. Some sites have faired better than others, there has been a shift of 1 or 2 points for most sites, but there seems to be a higher page rank assigned to pages deeper within the hierarchy; giving more power to pages that really matter. […]

T-mobile to use Android software

The first complete, open, and free mobile platform is going to be used by the US mobile giant T-Mobile, who plan to show off the first wireless phone powered by Google’s much-anticipated Android software system at a September 23 news conference.

Microsoft trying to upset Google Yahoo deal

Google and Yahoo are about to join forces in a unusual advertising search deal; Microsoft duly worried, have been trying to disrupt the union of the two Search Engine giants - it’s not the first time Microsoft have used these techniques, according to CEO Eric Schmidt

GAudi searchable audio and video from Google

The way it works is through basic speech recognition technology which crawls through audio and video segments and makes all audio content searchable!!, just like text.

Google web Browser Chrome uses some Microsoft Code

Scott Hanselman, a senior programming manager for Microsoft, found that Googles new ‘open source’ browser uses a chunk of Microsoft code. Google also apparently used an undocumented interface from Microsoft to get the feature working in Windows XP SP2.

Google Pagerank update July 2008

For those of you not yet aware or totally missed it again (like we did) as of July 27th 2008, Google is updating its toolbar PageRank.

The Working Balance - Casual Office Space

With the advent of the smart phone, faster laptops, faster connections and wireless hotspots ever increasing, the ability to work anywhere is becoming much more the ‘norm’ compared to a few years ago. In fact, for the most part, it’s becoming much less important for certain types of SME’s to have an inner-city based […]