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Google Pagerank update January 2008

For those of you not yet aware or totally missed it (like we did) as of January 10th 2008, Google is updating its toolbar PageRank.
Each update causes a stir among the SEO community but does it really matter any more?

PayPal Email crashing Outlook [FIX]

This problem is due to PayPal not using a https when sending imagery causing Outlook to stall.
It will eventually open but can take some time.
However, here’s a quick fix to stop paypal email crashing outlook.

Google removed page numbers from search

An interesting development of the new instant search feature from Google, see’s the omission of Page numbers from the footer of search pages. This really does show Google’s focus on the SERP (Search Engine Result Page) hierarchy.

Paypal’s new checkout for Firefox

From September 1st 2010, Paypal has revised how its checkout looks, the Paypal checkout now resembles a normal eCommerce checkout, seperating the Order Summary and Payment methods with enough space to train the eye on the important aspects of the page. UPDATED: This new checkout only seems available on Firefox - Internet Explorer seems to […]

Send test e-mail message: Cannot send the message. Verify the e-mail address in your account properties.

So you’ve followed Google’s instructions for getting smtp working from Outlook 2010, and yet Outlook is still returning with an error!? If you are experiencing this problem, then here’s the quick fix.

15M Gigabit Ethernet Cable for just £15 delivered

WOW, 15 metres of Gigabit ethernet cable for only £15 delivered in the UK. Currys price is £35 plus delivery, OUCH!
15 metres of snagless ethernet cable suitable for Gigabit networks with FREE UK delivery, that’s just £1 per metre (inc. UK delivery.)

SEO Reference

One List for most SEO terms and definitions.