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Make ‘Ship to This Address’ Default in Magento Checkout

This code will allow you to preselect the ’ship to address’ during your Magento checkout. Most often customers will not require shipping to multiple addresses therefore the preselected option should be automatically set to ‘Ship to this Address’.
This really should be setup as core, or at least an option in the admin […]

Lightbox opens at bottom of the web page (fixed)

The number one reason for this happening is down to not linking to your lightbox.css corrrectly.
Check and double check you are linking correctly to your lightbox.css file.
Whilst developing sites with various CMS’s (Content Management Systems) it is easy to create an erronous link to the lightbox css amongst the various templates and themes, so […]

Magento Ajax Image uploader with progress bar and lightbox preview

Ever wanted to extend the Magento uploader function with a progress bar and pop-up lightbox? Tested and working on Magento 1.3x and 1.4x, this image uploader adds feedback to the user on how their file is doing during upload, and once uploaded will give them the chance to preview the uploaded file with a […]

jqzoom over menu in Magento

Quick an easy fix for jqzoom appearing over menu items in magento, can also be used for any type of site.

Magento admin link to website

Easily create your own link from the Magento admin panel to the frontend website.

JA Slideshow and JoomFish links

Correct Joomla naming convention for linking to Joomla menu items via JA Slideshow, essential when using JASlideshow with JoomFish for Joomla.

Display Parent category and subcategories of current parent in Magento

How to show parent and sub category menu items of parent items in magento.