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IE8 Quick Fix - one line for your headers

Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) Fix - Fix IE8 from displaying website content incorrectly with one simple line of code in the header of your pages.
Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) supports additional HTML and CSS standards that are not supported in previous versions of Internet Explorer.
However, this also means that some websites will behave differently […]

Webpage loads with no style, no stylesheet, flash of unstyled content (FOUC)

How to fix a flash of unstyled content ie. a page loads without style, without a style sheet.
Some pages that use the CSS @import rule experience a curious display quirk in the Windows version of MS Internet Explorer: a momentary flash of unstyled page content - however this has been experienced in versions of the […]

Transparent DIV SPAN for all browsers

How to create a transparent DIV / SPAN to work in all browsers including Internet Explorer and Firefox. Internet Explorer uses filter and firefox uses moz-opacity; here’s the CSS and HTML code to use.

Create a CSS no Javascript alert message

This quick how to will guide you through the process of creating a nice looking JavaScript alert message for any web page.

Big Brother is watching your mobile phone

Oh dear, in an accidental press release Actix, a well known software vendor has admitted that it can completely discover what a user is doing with their mobile phone.

Can the PS3 play HD-DVD’s?

It is common knowledge that in standard guise the PS3 is a Blu-Ray and DVD player, and does not play HD-DVD discs, as supported by major console rival the X-BOX 360. But, could new aperture settings allow the PS3 to play the rivals format?

Free UK mobile service runs straight into connectivity problems

Free UK mobile phone network - Blyk - has already run into technical problems. A notice on the web site says that it’s having problems with picture messaging (MMS).