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Welcome to our Articles section, we try and update this section at least twice weekly, so check back regularly for the most up to date info. Our sections include Future of Computing, Internet Tools, Tea Break and Web Development.

Apr 26 2018

Largest LCD TV - 108 inch Sharp AQUOS

Sharp features the world’s largest LCD TV, the 108 inch AQUOS. Sharp officials said they want to show that LCD panels can be competitive with plasma and projection TV in the larger high-definition sizes.

Apr 25 2018

Employee sold 8.4 million user records

William Gary Sullivan, a database administrator pleaded guilty to stealing 8.4 million consumer records from a credit checking firm in Florida. A court heard he earned £280,000 ($580,000) by selling the data to direct marketing companies.

Legal documents show that William Gary Sullivan was employed as a senior database administrator at a consumer reporting agency called Certegy, which provides a service to help retailers decide whether or not to accept cheques as payment for goods and services.

Apr 25 2018

XP almost twice as fast as Vista

Reports have shown that the Windows XP (SP3) OS is almost twice as fast as Windows Vista for Office based tasks.

Apr 24 2018

iPhone UI so easy to use a 1 year old can use it

Amazing to watch, this video of a 1 year old successfully navigating through iPhone pictures truly is a testament to Apple.

[youtube oZwKPDvYA2M]

Apr 24 2018

Stirrdup - Simple, Fast and better than Digg


Better than Digg? Well in some ways YES, we love the passive voting system, which although not unique to Stirrdup is a breath of fresh air over the Digg offering, which promotes Digg Circles.

Apr 23 2018

Facebook users force Facebooks hand

More than 50,000 Facebook users signed a petition calling on the company to alter or abandon its Beacon advertising technology. When Facebook users shopped online, Beacon told friends and businesses what they looked at or bought.

Apr 23 2018

Cloned Monkey

Scientists have cloned monkey embryos for the first time, bringing human cloning a step closer. They created dozens of embryos from a 10-year-old rhesus macaque monkey and planted them into surrogate primates.