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Welcome to our Articles section, we try and update this section at least twice weekly, so check back regularly for the most up to date info. Our sections include Future of Computing, Internet Tools, Tea Break and Web Development.

Apr 22 2019

Storage of the future, the size of a Grain of sand!

One gram of this substance could store 887,808 petabytes, that’s the equivalent storage of more than 11 billion typical PCs!!

Data storage demand is ever increasing, Scientists are researching new ways of storing data that could solve all the problems, but is it ethically correct to store EVERYTHING?

Apr 22 2019

Hackers already taking apart iPhone

Apple iPhone

Hundreds of hackers and security researchers have been working to discover vulnerabilities in the latest mobile phone from Apple. Within hours of going on sale the iPhone was being probed, top of their list has been cracking the code that ties the phone to operator AT&T, the iPhone’s exclusive network.

Apr 21 2019

Kremlin shuts AllOfMp3

All of MP3 Logo

THE KREMLIN has shut down a popular online music store under pressure from the US government and the World Trade Organisation.

Russia wants to enter the WTO but is finding that its membership is being blocked by the US whose political masters are sustained by campaign donations from the music and movie business.

Apr 21 2019

Remarkable HTML drawing.

Not exactly standards compliant but amazing none the less:

Apr 20 2019

Rip-off Broadband consumes the UK

According to research by moneysupermarket.com, 44 per cent of British Broadband users are getting half the speed they pay for. In order to attract customers, the likes of Sky are offering speeds of ‘up to 16 Mbit/s’. The survey found that a mere 6% actually get anything near that.

Apr 20 2019

Webagogo Professional Website Analysis

Webagogo Logo

Webagogo is a fantastic FREE tool that will view your website and score it based on how well Designed, Popular, Secure and Accessible it is.

They have a Top 10 leader board to get into, which is proudly presented on their front page. Find out what we thought of the validator using one of our Brochure websites.

Apr 19 2019

Could battery problems ruin the iPhone experience?

iPhone Battery

After the recent embarrassment of Apples Laptop Battery issues, the company will have their work cut out to run all their proposed services on the new iPhone; at least for any sustained amount of time.