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Welcome to our Articles section, we try and update this section at least twice weekly, so check back regularly for the most up to date info. Our sections include Future of Computing, Internet Tools, Tea Break and Web Development.

Sep 24 2018

Linux snaps after Mircosoft accusation

Linus Torvalds, the lead developer of Linux, has reacted angrily to claims by Microsoft that his software violates its patents. Torvalds said that the Volish claims should be tested in court to prevent the Vole from undermining confidence in the operating system. According to Information Week, Torvalds says that Vole should name the patents it alleges have been violated so the claims can be tested in court.

Sep 23 2018

Microsoft claims Linux stole 230 patents

By Nick Farrell
MICROSOFT’S top lawyer seems to be hinting that Vole is planning to do a SCO and sue Linux out of the market for nicking its patents. In an interview with Fortune magazine, Brad Smith claims that free and open-source software violates more than 230 of Microsoft’s patents. The Linux kernel violates 42 Microsoft patents, while its user interface and other design elements infringe on a further 65.

Sep 23 2018

Highest mobile call climb begins


A British climber is in the closing stages of an attempt to set a world record for the highest mobile call.

Rod Baber is making final preparations to scale Mount Everest and make the call from its north ridge. Following weeks of acclimatisation, Mr Baber is now at base camp recuperating and checking equipment prior to beginning the actual ascent. The expedition will begin its final push on 15 May and aims to reach the summit about eight days later.

Sep 22 2018

Robots to use Human mental mapping

Navigation Robots

US researchers have made a huge leap forward in Robot design, these Robots use educated “guesswork” to find their way around.

Very similar to the human navigational process, where we build up a “mental map” of our surroundings by recognising familiar sights… Five is alive!

Sep 22 2018

Ubuntu for Mobile Phones

Ubuntu for Mobiles

Mobile devices are becoming more and more sophisticated. A version of the increasingly popular Linux operating system Ubuntu will be developed for use on net-enabled phones and devices.

The Ubuntu Mobile and Embedded project aims to create the open source platform for initial release in October 2007. The operating system will be developed by members of the Ubuntu community, along with staff from chip giant Intel.

Sep 21 2018

New Television service for deaf people

A new web-based television service, or IPTV, for British Sign Language (BSL) users has recently launched in the UK.

VeeSee TV airs news and other programmes in BSL and is available 24 hours a day. The channel can be viewed on a computer or via a set-top box and is the brainchild of BSL interpreter Susie Grant.

Sep 21 2018

Beer may be good for you!


A pint of beer may help protect against heart disease more effectively than red wine or spirits, researchers have found.